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Duracoat Firearm Finishing
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What is DuraCoat?
DuraCoat is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes,
DuraCoat was created specifically for firearms. Other firearm finishes
are "spin-offs" from other industries.

How durable is DuraCoat?
DuraCoat is permanent. With normal use, a firearm finished with
DuraCoat will last several lifetimes.

Is DuraCoat Teflon based?
No. Teflon is a lubricating coating which is great for internals, but will
not wear as well as DuraCoat on the exterior surface of a firearm.
DuraCoat's combination of elasticity and hardness creates a finish
impervious to impact, scratching and the elements. Some users say
DuraCoat displays some lubricating qualities, but this phenomenon was
never intended when DuraCoat was created.

How come other firearm finish manufacturers boast hardness, but make
no mention of elasticity?
In the case of firearm finishes, a common misconception is "harder is
better". This is faulty "old school thinking". Hardness means brittle and
brittle means chipping. DuraCoat, being elastic, will not chip. If your
DuraCoat chips, it means you have a preparation problem. Most likely,
the surface was not clean. Elasticity provides protection by "giving"
when confronted with impact. Elasticity also helps prevent scratches
and mars.

What is the turnaround time if I send a firearm to HCF to be refinished?
Generally the turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. At times, we get extremely
busy and the time gets extended. When this happens, we notify our

Does HCF offer Law Enforcement Pricing on DuraCoat Products?
Yes, send a department letterhead requesting Law Enforcement
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